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SpaceClaim Engineer

3D Direct Modeling Software

SpaceClaim Engineer brings 3D solid modeling to the desktops of engineers and analysts who work in 3D, with a simplicity and low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) never seen before in CAD.

3D Prototyping with SpaceClaim

spaceclaim-softwareWhen making a 3D prototype, rarely is the CAD design ready for 3D printing. In the past, many model shops had to wrestle with complicated CAD systems or make the edits right on the mesh. Neither is an ideal solution.

SpaceClaim provides a thorough suite of tools to get geometry ready for 3D prototyping.

SpaceClaim also provides the fastest and easiest path from 2D to 3D printed part.

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Create 3D Models Easily


SpaceClaim enables engineers to easily create concepts and prepare 3D designs for digital prototyping, analysis, and manufacturing. SpaceClaim is software for engineers who need a tool that enables simulation-driven product design for:

  • Concept Modeling
  • Bid Modeling
  • CAE Model Preparation
  • Geometry Editing
  • Geometry Repair
  • Manufacturing, including:
    • Additive manufacturing (rapid prototyping)
    • De-featuring and adjusting for NC programming
    • Sheet metal manufacturing
    • Mold manufacturing
    • 3D Solids from 2D Drawings and Images
  • Industrial Design
  • Jewelry Design